With a private interest in fertility counselling, Ms Freed is acutely aware that encountering fertility challenges can cause high levels of social, emotional and relationship stress.

Her aim is to provide a safe and confidential counselling space to help manage these difficulties. A clinical social worker with more than 20 years’ experience in the field, Ms Freed has worked therapeutically with children, adults and families. She has also supervised and lectured tertiary-level students, and facilitated wellness programmes in the primary healthcare setting, working with both individuals and large groups. She now works at a school and in private practice.

Ms Freed has the skill and expertise to help guide people encountering fertility challenges to make the required complex decisions and choices at various stages of the treatment process. She also conducts psychological evaluations of potential egg and sperm donors in terms of emotional and psychological suitability, and their ability to fulfil all the relevant requirements of the process. She also provides psychological support and information to donors.


HART Fertility Clinic Suite 1102, 11th Floor, Netcare Christiaan Barnard Hospital, D.F. Malan Street, Cape Town, 8000


Cell: 081 572 9190
Landline: 021 286 2294
WhatsApp: 082 627 4910