Mr. Ramsay is a qualified embryologist with a passion for patient care. He completed his MSc in embryology at Stellenbosch University, where he also did his Honors (Human reproductive biology) and BSc degree (majoring in medical anatomy and human physiology). He has 5 years of experience in the field of embryology behind him, all performed in the heart of the Western Cape, with experience in a variety of fertility laboratory settings.

Mr. Ramsay’s biggest clinical passion is time-lapse technology as he completed his Master’s Degree in the analysis if fresh versus frozen eggs using time-lapse imaging to examine the differences on a multifaceted level. He also has a great passion for the LGBTQI community and fell in love with his job when he realized he could not only help couples who struggle to fall pregnant, but he could play a role in helping couples who never thought their dream of starting a family was possible. Mr. Ramsay formed part of the HART family in February 2021 and is loving his time at the clinic.

His favorite hobbies outside of work include caring for his pug Ru, and hiking over the weekends with friends.