Q&A with Amanda Dunsby – Why Fertility Coaching is Important

We were delighted to get the opportunity to interview Amanda Dunsby From Fertile Beings. Amanda is a qualified Integral Coach® and Fertile Body Method Therapist and offers specialised fertility coaching to people who are trying or struggling to conceive and grow their families.

We sat down with Amanda to ask questions about what she does, how coaching differs from therapy and why what she does, really works!

What is Integral Coaching®?
Integral Coaching is all about taking the holistic approach to personal development rather than only focusing on one specific area. We look at the whole person, concentrating on their thoughts, emotions, relationships, physical body, spirituality and of course, their environment; here is where we find true insights and the opportunity for self-growth.
Overall, coaching is an excellent way to assist people to build their confidence and competence to face any life-changing situation. We work to enable our clients to notice how their ‘way of being’ may in fact be enhancing or hindering what what it is they are trying to accomplish.

How does fertility coaching work?
The Fertile Body Method is a mind-body approach to fertility problems based on a holistic health model. Traditional medicine treats fertility issues on a purely physical level.
Fertility coaching and the field of mind-body medicine, however, recognise the powerful effect that our mind has on our body, and vice versa.
Problems with conception and pregnancy can occur when our basic physical and emotional needs are not being met, and the mind and/or body have temporarily lost their natural state of balance.

What could someone expect from you as their fertility coach?
As your fertility coach, I would help you to:

    • Set clear, realistic and achievable goals
    • Restore balance to your mental, emotional and physical state
    • Develop your inner resources and increase feelings of wellbeing
    • Address any unresolved issues that may affect your fertility
    • Develop the insights necessary to see new possibilities
    • Work with you to develop practices and observations to build your competence to resolve your challenges yourself
    • Enhance your fertility through visualisation, guided imagery and mental rehearsal
    • Prepare for pregnancy, birth or parenthood, and for specific medical treatments such as IVF
    • Provide you with a safe, supportive and empathetic space to fully explore your hopes, dreams and fears.

Isn’t coaching the same as going for therapy?
Fertility Coaching is not counselling or therapy. It is focused on your current reality and how you can best prepare yourself to achieve your desires and goals, rather than concentrating on what has gone wrong and why. Above all, it is a safe, confidential space in which the focus is on supporting you – the whole you.

Why do you feel coaching is important for anyone going through infertility?
The struggle to fall pregnant, fertility-related problems and medical infertility treatment can all be devastating, both physically and emotionally.
Coaching can help anyone navigate the challenges of fertility issues, focusing on how that person feels, thinks and acts in response to them. It equips a person with tools to manage the emotional rollercoaster and any stress that they may be experiencing throughout the journey.

You mentioned before that you, yourself has struggled with infertility? Would you mind sharing your your story with us?
After I got married (in my late thirties), it came as a huge shock when, far from the honeymoon baby we had hoped for, the diagnosis (after more than a year of highly stressful investigations) was “infertility”. Fortunately my treatments at a local fertility clinic were eventually successful, resulting in my pregnancy with our fraternal twins who were born at the end of 2013.

I can attest to the stress, disappointment and challenges created by infertility, and know just how hard it is. My children are living proof though that fertility treatment can and does work, and that one must never abandon hope!

How would someone reach out to you should they want fertility coaching sessions?
My email address is amanda@fertilebeings.co.za and I welcome anybody to contact me regarding their fertility concerns.

The first thing I would initiate is a free consultation, where we would talk about the process and I will answer any questions that arise. Together we would then develop a customised coaching programme that we can discuss face to face or via skype.

I also offer a regular Fertility Support Group sessions where we host regular meetings. Anyone can join to simply listen, share their own experiences (if comfortable enough to do so) and to find out more about fertility issues with people going through the same things.